FLÁMM Pension

Enjoy the result of the honest work of Petr Kimák - our head brewer - in the form of craft beer Dr. Flamma.

The basis of our beer is the real richness of Rajecké Teplice: crystal clear mountain water and quality malts and hops not only from Bohemia. The precise method of beer production is also helped by the modern and precise technology of the brewery, which is located directly below the restaurant. This is how beer is born in our country with respect for it's history and traditions. It tastes great with honest food and beer specialties in our restaurant.

Ask about the current offer of beers at the reception of the FLÁMM guesthouse

Our beer
  • Dr. Flámm's 10% - draft beer
    Pilsner-draft beer brewed from purely Czech raw materials with a distinct hop taste.
  • Wheat Dr. Flamm's 11% - wheat special
    The light wheat 11% will charm you at first glance and with the taste of bananas it will be a divine experience for your body and soul. Its color is as golden as the colour of the strands of ripe wheat from which it is cooked.
  • Dr. Flámm's 12% - Premium light lager of the pilsner type
    Silver beer crown 2020 - The second best unfiltered 12% in Slovakia.
    Gentle, but at the same time full of its taste of malt, it will caress your tongue and the aroma of hops will tickle your nose. You will definitely appreciate its full taste and want to enjoy another one.
  • Vienna lager Dr. Flámm's 13% - bottom-fermented lager
    Bronze beer crown 2020 - The third best unfiltered semi-dark beer in Slovakia.
    Pilsner-type beer with a reddish color, lower bitterness and a distinct malt taste.
  • Dr. Flámm's 15% - IPA, semi-dark special
    A copper-coloured beer that, at the first sip, reminds you of the taste of citrus and makes you feel like you're in paradise. It has its history from the famous colonial times of Great Britain in India, where it was cooked for British soldiers and officials, and in order to make it through the long voyage to India, it had to be heavily alcoholic and also fairly hopped.
  • Dark Dr. Flamm's 14% - dark special
    A dark top-fermented special that is the dream of every beer connoisseur. It will enchant you with its full body, and subsequently its coffee and dark chocolate flavours will come to the fore in combination with "Sládek" and "Žatecký half-morning red" hops. .
  • Dr. Flámm's non-alcoholic lemon radler - non-alcoholic beer
    A dark non-alcoholic radler with a malty taste of caramel and a refreshing taste of fresh lemon will also please drivers, who can continue driving after drinking a glass.

Dr. Flamm's party barrel

Make Flámm at home and take away your favourite beer from us in a 5l party keg. You don't need anything to draw, just a glass. Non-returnable packaging, not sealed.

  • Price list of beer in 5l party keg
    Dr. Flámm's 10% 22,- €
    Dr. Flámm's 12% 22,- €
    Wheat Dr. Flámm's 11% 27,- €
    Dr. Flámm's 15% - IPA 27,- €
    Dark Dr. Flámm's 14% 27,- €

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